Yes, Sports Tutors Are a Thing

When you think about tutors, you probably think about people who help a student struggling with an academic class. They work one-on-one with the student to help him or her grasp difficult concepts. Tutoring is often a temporary relationship, providing extra help to bring the student to the required level of understanding to keep up with a class. This kind of teaching relationship does not need to be limited to academics. A sports tutor can be a big help as an athlete tries to pick up a new sport.

What is a Sports Tutor?

A sports tutor is someone who helps an athlete improve in a specific sport. Some people are exposed to a sport at a young age while others encounter it later on. An all-around athlete may want to switch to a new competitive sport. A sports tutor provides one-on-one coaching to get that person up-to-speed in the new sport. The tutor will explain basic concepts, common moves, and proper execution. A team coach needs to focus on how the entire squad performed. A sports tutor can look at the performance of an individual on the team. By spending time observing the player, the tutor can highlight the individual strengths and weaknesses this person brings to the game. Then, together they can develop a routine that will help make the student a better player.

Why Sports Tutors Are Needed

When people take part in sports, there is a greater risk of injury for people who do not know what they are doing. They also increase the risk of injury for other players on the field. Competitive athletics are notorious for injuring its athletes. As a sports tutor, one of your duties is to teach your athletes how to move without hurting themselves or others. The tutor can explain the flexibility and strength required for basic and advanced movements so the athlete can train appropriately. This type of training is especially important if an athlete is switching from one sport to another. The style of movement does not always transfer between sports. For example, the close-contact shoving found on a hockey rink would lead to yellow and red cards on a soccer field.

How to Become a Sports Tutor

While there is not a certification process to become a sports tutor, it is important that you have firsthand knowledge of the sport. You need a thorough understanding of strategy, rules, and gameplay. You should be fit enough to demonstrate the different moves associated with the sport. Many sports tutors have some coaching experience in addition to playing experience. In order to gain a reputation, you may want to offer your expertise to local teams as a one-on-one training specialist.

The sporting world offers many opportunities for people who are experts in their sport. Young athletes are always looking for something to give them a competitive edge. As a sports tutor, you can pass your knowledge to another generation of players. Sports tutoring is an opportunity to stay connected to the game you love.

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