3 Qualities to Look for When Hiring for Your Tutoring Business

Running a tutoring business allows you to bring education privilege to help those who may struggle to learn. With a tutor by their side, students can receive instruction that’s more suited to their needs. While it’s important that tutors know their subjects, there’s more to the job than that. For anyone to succeed in your tutoring business, they must possess the following qualities.


A tutor needs to be patient, as they will have all sorts of questions from students who are confused about concepts. Many of these will catch them off-guard, but they need to have a mature attitude and not chastise students for asking questions. If they have to routinely go over concepts that the students claimed to have grasped, then they need to address that. However, there has to be a tactfulness to how they handle these matters. When a student senses that a tutor is losing patience with them, they can be reluctant to get as much help as they need. Your tutors need to have a nurturing demeanor that makes students feel comfortable and capable.

Team Player

You don’t have to handle a football or wear a uniform to be a team player. In order for your tutors to help students, they have to understand the importance of collaboration. If you want to hire a good tutor, determine if the candidate is a team player when it comes to helping your clients succeed. Ask them to describe times in which they came through for someone, be it a coworker or a friend. They need to be enthusiastic about working with the student and anyone in their periphery, such as their parents and teacher(s) so that the student can reach the results they need to.


Students are expected to learn all kinds of concepts in order to succeed in school. There’s no reason that the same shouldn’t go for tutors. Your tutors must be flexible not only in their scheduling but also in how they work with students. Some will be easier than others, but they need to view them all the same, as students who will benefit from their instruction. When students succeed, tutors succeed.

Tutors need to have emotional intelligence as well as mental intelligence. It’s one thing to know a subject inside out. It’s quite another thing to be able to help someone who might be struggling to grasp it. When you hire people who care about their students, you’re letting the gift of education touch so many lives.

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