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November 2018

Accounting in Tutoring: Taking a Deeper Look at Your Dollars and Sense with Chris Jones

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Catch the Replay of our September 25, 2018 Episode with Chris Jones. Click to Listen Here.

Are you looking at keeping track of your expenses? Are you thinking about hiring accounting tutors to serve your clients? Join Special Guest, Chris Jones, CEO of Planting Seeds Tutoring and Dr. Alise, as he shares accounting tips and how to strategically look for qualities in accounting tutors.

Tutoring in Africa: Tutoring Secrets for Parents and Tutors with Andrew Banda

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Catch the Replay of our August 28, 2018 Episode with Andrew Banda. Click to Listen Here.

Fluctuating grades? Don’t panic! Whether you’re a worried parent or the student, know that transitions are always a bit challenging. But the good news is there are a lot of suitable tutors who can help you through it. Today, we have special guest, #1 Africa’s Tutoring Services’ Founder, Andrew Banda, who will tell us more about how to find the right home-based tutor for advanced subjects like, Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Accounting.

Expanding Your Sphere of Influence in Tutoring with Mrs. Dee Thomas

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Catch the Replay of our July 24, 2018 Episode with Mrs. Dee Thomas. Click to Listen Here.

98% of people give up on their dreams. While you might not be able to help them all, you can change the minds of a handful. Take your tutoring business a step higher by motivating those who need your services most through educational consulting. You already have everything you need to make that difference; now all you need to do now is start. Be the voice of the voiceless and empower those who feel powerless. Tune In with Special Guest, Mrs. Dee Thomas, Founder of Anchored With Excellence, and Dr. Alise as she shares how to expand your sphere of influence in the tutoring market.

Cracking The Study Code: Mastering Study Habits to Raise Your Scores Fast with Dr. Ken Kern

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Catch the Replay with our Special Guest, Dr. Ken Kern. Click to Listen.

98% of people want to do good in their work, especially in school. Do you want to improve your grades and raise your test scores? Do you know that study habits can be taught and learned? There’s a secret sauce in learning how to go from a “C+” student to an “A” student just by learning how to create better study habits, the power of the mind, to achieve your academic dreams and goals.  Join San Diego’s #1, Dr. Ken Kern, Former Cancer Surgeon, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author of “CRACKING THE STUDY CODE” as he shares his secrets of how to raise your grades and test scores….Now!